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Our 24 hour manufacturing facilities produce millions of custom printed envelopes daily and approximately two billion custom and stock envelopes annually. Our printing carpabilities include simple single-color through full-color with UV options. We assist through the entire order process, starting with our award-winning design and prepress department. We can create designs from your initial concept or simply receive your electronic print-ready artwork and produce your finished product. With an arsenal of litho, flexo, web and digital equipment, our capabilities are second to none.

With more than 2,000 different sizes, styles and color of envelopes in stock, quick turnarounds are never a problem. We also manufacture fourteen different stock double window-style envelopes ready for immediate release and shipping as well.

In addition, we offer customized warehousing & fulfillment.

Temperature and Humidity Controlled Warehousing Available

With more than 200,000 cubic feet of warehouse space Diversified Business Systems can develop a customized hold-and-release program to save you time and space. All our facilities are climate controlled to maintain product quality.

Only Diversified Business Systems can give you the quality, consistency and on-time delivery you need and deserve. For more information contact us and one of our knowledgeable team members will happy to assist.

Below are descriptions of the types of envelopes and closure options we proudly offer:


An open side style with side seams and two flaps: a large perforated, detachable flap approximately the size and shape of the envelope that is not used for sealing and a typical seal flap of standard size used for mailing when the other flap is detached. Commonly used by financial institutions for bank-by-mail.

Also known as a wallet flap, this envelope is readily available in the larger commercial sizes and is used for heavy mailing application, such as bank statements that must get through the mail system intact and secure.

Open end style with a single side seam left purposely unsealed. The seal flap is available in un-gummed or latex seal. Used by financial institutions for currency transfer.

A large open side style with side seams and the seal flap on the long side. Usually used for mailing booklets and multiple unfolded documents.

Refers to the printing on the outside, the difference being who pays for return postage. Both have the address pre-printed on the face. A business reply includes a preprinted First Class Permit indicia, while the return envelope requires the sender to affix postage. Both envelopes may be any style or size. Most common sizes are #6 ¼, #6 ¾, and #9.

A large open end style with a center seam and seal flap on the short side. Normally used for mailing catalogs and multiple unfolded documents.

Small open end style, used for currency transfer and by some businesses to hold small parts. Very similar to the Bank Teller style, but with the side seam sealed and seal flap gummed.

An open side style with side seams and a large flap nearly the size of the envelope.

The most common and widely used style. Has an open side, available in diagonal seam or side seam in most sizes, plus as regular or window in #6¼, #6¾, #7, #7¾ , #8 5/8, #9, #10, #11, #12, and #14.


• LATEX: A self-sealing adhesive that requires no moisture. Latex gum is applied to the seal flap and to the back flap where the seal flap touches when closed. When the two latex gummed surfaces are pressed together, a bond is formed, holding the seal flap to the body of the envelope.

• METAL CLASP: A winged metal device that is affixed to the back of the envelope just below the throat and behind the seal flap. It is bent open by the user, inserted through a reinforced hole in the seal flap, and bent back down to temporarily close the envelope.

• PEEL & SEAL: This closure consists of a “super sticky” gum line applied to the seal flap that is covered by a strip of release paper. The extremely aggressive nature of this adhesive creates a very secure close.

• REGULAR GUM (remoistenable): The most commonly used adhesive to seal an envelope – requires moisture. All envelopes have this type of adhesive unless otherwise noted.

• REVEAL-N-SEAL ENVELOPE: An open side style with side seams and 2 small latex seal flaps, one in the standard position and the other folded down from the throat. As the name implies, the lower flap is flipped up to seal. Available as a 10 tint regular or 10 tint window. Commonly used in the medical professions.

• STRING & BUTTON: A string is affixed to the outside of the seal flap that the user winds around a disc that is affixed to the back of the envelope directly below the flap. Most commonly used on inter-office envelopes.

• TAC-N-TAC: A resealable closure consisting of a clear vinyl tape affixed over a hole punched into the seal flap. Another piece of release tape is affixed to the back of the envelope below the throat and behind the flap. When the seal flap is closed, the tape exposed through the hole and the seal flap adheres itself to the release tape on the back of the envelope. This closure can be sealed and resealed many times. It is used as an alternative to the string and button closure on interoffice style envelopes.

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