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Multi-Color Folding Cartons

Diversified Business Systems, Inc.

Multi-Color Folding Cartons

Diversified provides comprehensive multi-color folding cartons, packaging, printing, converting, and inventory services to national and regional companies. We provide our customers with a strategic complement in their packaging supplier mix by offering the size and leverage of a large, integrated plant with the service and flexibility of an independent paperboard packaging converter.


Full range of capabilities including web and sheet fed high-speed printing lines
State-of-the-art offset, flexographic and very large format (VLF) printing presses that have been optimized for print quality and color consistency

  • CIP4 graphics-to-press file transfer capabilities
  • In-line, backside registered print capabilities — 4 to 9 Color
  • In-line, inkjet printing capabilities for traceability, promotions and security purposes.  We can print any bar code type required including QR, 2D, UPC, 128 and several others.

Die Cutting

  • Inline rotary and sheetfed die-cutting
  • Embossing and debossing capabilities
  • Platen die cutting expertise
  • In-house Pre-Make Ready Die Department
  • Extensive value-added, inline converting options


  • High speed, specialty and dedicated lines
  • Windowing  capabilities
  • Inline gluing capabilities
  • Clamshell forming capabilities
  • Proprietary inline tape-and-tear string technology


  • Automated detection systems throughout our printing and finishing lines
  • Customized detection solutions for specific product requirements
  • Specialized detection systems for food packaging to meet food safety requirements
  • CCTV monitoring and security systems to secure restricted-access holding areas for direct value, couponed and game piece promotional packaging

Integrated Approach

  • Advanced digital capabilities, including electronic prepress, laser-to-plate technology, digital processing and digital image plates
  • All proofs, coating blankets, printing plates are produced internally
  • On-site ink specialist for coordination and manufacture of printing inks
  • On-site, third party logistics and transportation management

Quality Management

Quality in both product and service is the key to keeping customers happy. At Diversified, we employ a quality program designed to ensure excellence at every step of production.  Quality Control Managers oversee the implementation of our program, and the current good manufacturing practices it requires. Our plant utilizes the latest equipment, both on the production line and in our quality control labs, to verify consistent quality in our products.

These efforts guarantee that our customers receive the finest quality multi-color folding cartons in the industry!

Here is a brief sampling of some of our more popular paperboards:

Paperboard Type Description Uses/Sample Markets
  • Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) Virgin Board

high quality, white throughout
bright white background
clean look

high end packaging
high quality graphics
Cosmetics/Medical Industry

  • Solid Unbleached Sulfate (SUS) Virgin Board

smooth white coated top
smooth brown underside
excellent strength & stiffness

packaging for heavier products
high end graphics
Hardware/Auto Industry

  • Clay Coated News Back (CCNB) Recycled Board

smooth white coated top
good printability

interior color is not an issue
retail & warehouse applications
Light Hardware

  • Chipboard Recycled Board

brown throughout
poor printability

strength & print clarity are not an issue
warehouse applications
inner packers
layer pads/partition sets


Our more popular multi-color folding carton styles include:

  • Reverse Tuck End (RTE)
  • Straight Tuck End (STE)
  • Auto Bottom with Tuck Top (ABTT)
  • Snap Lock Bottom with Tuck Top (SLBTT)
  • Sealed End
  • Glued Sleeve
  • Counter Display
  • One Piece Tray
  • Biers Tray
  • Simplex Tray
  • Blister Boards

We provide multi-color folding cartons and other products for a diverse array of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Fasteners
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • Food Service
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toys
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Household Products
  • Software
  • Point of Purchase